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Open since 2012, the Avantgarde Yalıkavak is located on the pristine Aegean Sea in the secluded Küdür Bay.

Avantgarde Yalıkavak, which has been in service since 2012, is located in Kdür Bay, in an untouched secret area of ​​the Aegean Sea. Two-storey hotel serving between May and October, lush garden, private beach and sun terrace, outdoor swimming pools for adults and children, exclusive restaurant, stylish lounge & bar, spa & wellness centre, gym, cultural lounge, private wine cellar. , an educational children's play club, and 32 Bodrum rooms, offer a minimal architecture with the options of Sea View Suite Room and Garden View Deluxe Room, which are unusually spacious and designed with a refined taste. Avantgarde Yalıkavak offers all the luxury services and facilities that guests who seek comfort and convenience in a calm and peaceful environment and ambiance expect.

Despite being located in a secluded private bay, Avantgarde Yalıkavak guests are at the brand new and modern Yalıkavak Marina, which hosts internationally renowned restaurants and nightclubs, famous Turkish cafes and seafood restaurants, and stores of famous local and foreign brands in just minutes by land or sea. or (Palmarina).

Avantgarde Yalıkavak Hotel also offers the perfect location for all kinds of events, from weddings and engagement ceremonies to birthdays, gala dinners and anniversaries, and the entire organization is handled by Avantgarde Catering within the facility. Avantgarde Catering also offers its services for your off-site events (boat, beach, garden, house, etc.).

Our experienced and sincere staff, who can provide service in both English and Turkish, offers service to meet your expectations for your holiday in our hotel in Yalikavak, the apple of the Bodrum peninsula, and even much more.

Opportunities and services offered by Avantgarde Yalıkavak:

Avantgarde Catering Services (on-site/off-site)
Non-smoking rooms, all with balconies or terraces
24-hour Concierge Service
24-hour Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service
Baggage Collection/Unpacking Service
Car, bicycle, boat, helicopter, private plane rental services
Ring Boat Service to Yalıkavak Marina (Palmarina)
airport transfer
Pets are not allowed to be brought in.


The scenic and charming Bodrum Peninsula is a mountainous outcrop extending both westward and southward at the northwestern corner of the Gulf of Gökova. Both coasts are carved with dozens of coves and bays of various sizes and with breathtaking resort towns each with its own personality for discerning vacationers. The lush verdant and mountainous peninsula’s topography affects the weather causing microclimates throughout the area. For example, the northern region receives more rain while the western region, which faces the Aegean Sea and ruled by Zephyr, the God of the West Wind during the summer, is usually cooler than the south side where it is typically sweltering hot during the summer.

The Bodrum peninsula is by far one of the most popular travel destinations for yachters and sun seekers from Turkey as well as from around the globe. Dubbed the “Pearl of the Aegean” Bodrum with its pristine crystal clear waters, secluded bays for yachters, verdant mountains, historical sights, refined cultural events & performances, impressive hotel facilities, remarkable wining & dining opportunities and nightlife is the perfect travel destination for visitors from all walks of life! The prerequisite is love for the sun, sea and nature and having fun!

Yalıkavak is one of the most picturesque and fertile resort towns in the Bodrum Peninsula. It is bedecked with citrus orchards and also has a bountiful harvest of olives and an incredible species of wild herbs and other flora. Located on the northwestern tip of the peninsula, it was settled in 2,000 BC and has ruins from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine eras. It is particularly a popular spot during the hot summer months because of its strong western winds.  Known for its windmills, captivating sunsets, secluded bays, posh beach clubs, state of the art luxurious marina; restaurants, nightlife, lavish waterfront boutique hotels, Yalıkavak is a highly preferred destination by most vacationers and prospective homeowners.

As the famous Cevat Şakir Kabağaçlı (1886-1973; writer, traveler and historian) dubbed the Fisherman of Halicarnassus (name of Bodrum in antiquity) is so often quoted, “When you reach the top of the hill, you will see Bodrum. Don’t suppose that you will leave feeling the same as you came. The ones before you, they were like that too. They departed, but their hearts remained forever in Bodrum”.