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Fine dining restaurants get a lot of press lately. So, we are curious about where the best fine dining restaurant is in Turkey. Let me introduce you to Avantgarde Yalıkavak, ACE Restaurant J Here is list of reasons to visit ACE restaurant that should be on every foodie’s must-try list. Just try focus on the dining ‘experience’ rather than the bill :)

1. ACE Restaurant does not serve food, it serves edible art pieces!

Executive Chef Ulaş is known by irresistible designed dishes and edible art pieces. So, please do not attack the walls. They are real art objects!!!

A few of the outstanding unique delicacies are Out of the Box and Chef Ulaş’s Carpaccio in cold starters, Burger-ish among a variety of other burger selections, Avantgarde Lahmacun in the pizza menu and Italian Job from the pasta selections, while the Bodrum Mandarin and Bitter Chocolate Muhallebi (Pudding) is favored by those who cannot say “no” to desserts.

2. The Ambience of Elegance and the Fresh Sea Breeze!

Imagine! You are eating in a restaurant but it is in the middle of exclusive beach.
Look around you! The only thing is peace.
You can lose yourself by watching the landlocked sea.
Believe me considering broiler daytime, gentle sea breeze sets your mind at rest.
You should definitely experience the atmosphere of ACE Restaurant.

3. ACE Restaurant is the junction where the classics meets the modern and Turkish cuisine meets the world.

Are you ready for a food journey? Ace Restaurant gives more what you expect from it. It serves Turkish and International fare with an emphasis on seafood dishes with modern accents prepared by Executive Chef Ulaş Morkoç.

 The exclusive tastes from the dinner menu offered in a “Fine Dining” concept such as Kayseri Pastrami Roll filled with Scallop, Surf & Turf and Octopus with the Galician Twist mark a difference not only with their taste, but also their presentation and quality alike all dishes offered by Ace Restaurant & Lounge.

4. Catch the difference in ACE Restaurant by tasting the Sin Menu caused people to sin!

Everybody knows that holiday does not only mean “be off”, it also means break the rules.
Especially, the subject comes to strict diets. Let’s say yes to this sinner invitation.
The “Sin Menu” is offered between lunch and dinner during 16:00-19:00 with its renewed menu ideal for those in desire of an innocent mischief.

5. Join gastronomic activities and get involved in the kitchen of ACE Restaurant!

Gastronomy feast that will go on all summer will start with a delicious menu prepared only for that night by hotels executive chef Ulaş Morkoç and guest chef Chris Maxwell’s unique touches.

You do not need any invitation card for the plum event: ‘’Guest Chef’’. Just call them and make your reservation.

The first of these events was organised by La Cucina Italiana magazien with Chris Maxwell as a guest chef. This special gathering ‘’A Medditeranean touch to Vietnamese Cuisine” combined Chef Maxwell’s Vietnamese Cuisne knowledge with Chef Ulaş’s experience with the local products.

It offered a menu with tastes that have never been tasted before. Chef’s surprise Amouse Bouche’s Duello, Vietnamese Rolls, Veal Rib cooked slowly in Asian Style were some of the many special tastes of the menu. Bodrum Tangerine and Bitter Chocolate Mouse dessert jogged my memory.

It had already created a tremendous impression by taking a great space on press. 

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