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Are you ready for a special trip to Yalikavak, one of the most extraordinary places in Bodrum with its clear blue sea and fascinating nature in all shades of green?

The most beautiful time of the year has arrived. The exhaustion felt from the whole year slowly gives way to dreaming and resting.... While witnessing the awakening of nature, it is always advisable to make travel plans to catch your breath and rest in a peaceful vacation.

We can't wait to start a brand-new journey to savor the embracing tranquility of nature, a clear blue sea and bougainvillea in the stunningly beautiful Yalikavak. The secluded beach and warm white sand of Küdür Bay, the perfect getaway spot of Yalikavak, will make you feel the tranquility of summer again.

Located in Küdür Bay, Avantgarde Yalikavak is inspired by the architectural style of the region, featuring a natural and refined choice of materials that draws its strength from nature. Our 32 rooms, renovated by Wangan Studio, are waiting to welcome its guests this summer. Carefully selected handcrafted furniture meets local and natural textures. From serene lighting to surfaces brought to life by natural woods, Wangan Studio combines many more details with timeless design.

Moreover, Bodrum, which can be enjoyed at any time of year, is not easily caught up in trends. With its tightly-knit communities and a unique character that does not compromise on dynamism and innovation, it makes you want to visit it all year round.

Places to visit in Bodrum;

  • An endless summer: Yalikavak Marina

Yalikavak Marina is known as the most stylish and best marina in Turkey. It houses stores with the best brands, unique taste experiences from all over the world, elegant boutiques and beautiful yachts. Enjoy the sunset and the magnificent sea view and explore the stores in the area. If you come to Yalikavak, you should definitely spend time at the marina. Despite the quiet location of Yalikavak Marina, it is close to the dynamic places of the region, a perfect choice for those who want to spend a quiet and dynamic vacation in Bodrum.

Bodrum Jazz Festival, which meets jazz lovers with a special theme every year, is one of the attractions of Bodrum, where musicians from many parts of the world get together, enlivened by concerts, interviews and exhibitions. It is an opportunity for those who want to listen to jazz in Bodrum, where the sun and the sea make people calm.


Putting its signature under important exhibitions in Istanbul, Pilevneli Galery creates a contemporary art space that offers a multifaceted experience to its visitors with its unique view. There is also a store where various original products and books that bring together artists and brands from Turkey under the Pilevneli flag are offered for sale.


Zai Bodrum, “a new generation library”, which creates a friendly and warm environment for book lovers with the spread of the peace provided by the olive trees and greenery in the garden from the moment visitors enter the door, hosts hundreds of books from world classics to the works of master writers, from story books to educational books. A great escape point for many Bodrum lovers thanks to its environment, beautifully designed garden and the harmony of piano sound with twittering birds.

Many artists have come and gone, but there have been no other artists associated with Bodrum as much as Cevat Şakir and Zeki Müren were. Our “sun of art”, who had a personality far ahead of time, who fascinated the country with her unique attitude, stance and immaculate Turkish, and whose songs gave us sadness and happiness, was also a lover of Bodrum. He spent the last 6 years of his life in seclusion in Bodrum, resting his soul. After his death, in 2000, the Ministry of Culture turned Zeki Muren's house in Bodrum into a museum. While touring the house accompanied by Zeki Muren's songs, you can see her 76 model Buick brand Regal in the garden and experience sadness and admiration together. The museum is waiting for its visitors between 08:00-18:00 except Mondays. Do not forget to watch our animation specially prepared for our 10th year, where we both remember Zeki Muren and explain the values of the country with an Avantgarde journey.

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