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Which Profile do you fit in for a Vacation in Bodrum?

The most special place for a getaway from the overwhelming summer heat and Istanbul, is Bodrum. For many years the first stop of all the vacationers has been Bodrum, where the city never gets out of trend. But why? Let’s take a look together to 6 different kinds of profiles who choose to got to Bodrum for their vacations.

1. I Love Nature, I’m Natural

Imagine a green forest, deep blue and clear sea and warm, golden sand that burns your feet…While your getting lost between the streets you inhale the fragrance of bougainvillaea.

You’re at a spot where you have both a sea out of a fairytale and a flower garden. You can see the true colours of the rainbow live in Bodrum.

2. I’m Counting Days To My Retirement, I’ve Grown Old Early, I Want Peace..

If you say the reason you want to get away from the city is the noise, crowd, stress and the busy pac; with the sound of the birds singing, you can fall asleep while reading a book at private beach in Bodrum. You can spend your evening having dinner at the seaside, tasting the flavours of famous chefs.

3. No! I Can’t Stand Still, I’m Restless..

Bodrum is a city where both the famous, young and people who feel young frequently visit night clubs. Delicious appetizers and taverns enjoyed with friends are worth a try.

It is up to you how you’d like to spend your night.

4. Hotels Are Expensive, We’ll Set Up A Tent Type Students …

A tent set up beside the sea, with its amazing nature and lively friend circle! Sincere friends gathered around a campfire, singing along while a friend plays the guitar is a must.

Same Mediterrenian songs can be sang 3-5 times since it’s a possiblity that the friend with the guitar is learning how to play it.

5.There’s Nothing Like A Holiday With My Children Type Families…

Done with university, found a job, and suddenly we found the love of our lives, started our family. We had children that bring us joy. Or we are still dreaming about it. We deserved a holiday as a family. If your children are yet small, and you are looking for a place suitable for them, the luxurious boutique hotels in Bodrum offer a great holiday with entertaining and educating kids clubs. I’d say don’t miss this chance. In the end if your children are comfortable, so are you.

6. I Won’t Give Up On Luxury, Won’t Compromise On Quality Type People…

Summer is here, the hot weather has arrived, women are cold from the A/C in the office and the men are still swetting despite the A/C.

If you say you’ve worked year long, ran from one place to another, you’re looking for quality service while enjoying the cool sea. We all know from latest trends that luxury is not only found in 5 star hotels.

The favourite pick of these last years is Yalıkavak, enjoying a luxurious boutique hotel is what you deserve.

Where All These Profile Meet: Bodrum/Yalıkavak

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