Avantgarde Collection not only has a major presence in the hospitality industry in Turkey by offering innovative services & amenities to international & domestic travelers, but has also achieved major success in the Catering Industry. Avantgarde Catering vows to transform all our home, office and yacht parties and events into unforgettable & memorable moments you will always remember and cherish.

Our experienced and innovative chefs who have re-interpreted & created the original menus that consists of delicacies from International & Turkish cuisines at all the Ace Restaurants at our hotels in Istanbul and Yalıkavak , now bring these culinary delights to the venue of your choice for your special occasions to include weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, graduation parties, baby showers, anniversaries, openings and more. Alternatively, the meeting rooms at all our hotels can be designed and decorated by our skillful team to meet the needs of our customers.

Furthermore, exclusively offered at Avantgarde Yalıkavak, besides organizing your special occasions for openings and parties at our hotel, your home, etc., we offer our extensive range of culinary delights to all yacht owners from around the world who dot the magnificent verdant and crystal clear bays of the Bodrum Peninsula throughout the summer. We will be delighted to turn your yacht’s deck into an unforgettable stylish feast for your family and friends.


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With an Avantgarde Catering premier boutique wedding in Bodrum - Be different. Be brilliant. Creating moments that delight each of the five senses, we will make your wedding or event your moment to shine.

You’ll whisper those magic words, in the testimony of a white sailboat gliding from afar, in an embracing breeze of a warm Aegean night… You’ll discover those special moments that will bring eternal togetherness with Mejor Costa’s naive and gentle touch, all hidden in a boutique wedding night. As if this is your first time in Bodrum, As if this is your first declaration of your love…

We believe that every successful event begins with impeccable planning and communication. Our goal is to capture each DETAIL and ensure that none are overlooked.

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