PROGRAM CONDITIONS | Avantgarde Collection





1. Our guests can join the programme by scanning the QR code, using the Wallet application on their phone each time they stay.


2. From the moment our guests become members, their membership starts at Tier 1, which means they can immediately start to enjoy the benefits.


3. Guests who collect points each time they spend money move up to Tier 2 when they reach 1000 points and to Tier 3 when they reach 2000 points.


4. For every 10 euros spent, 1 point is awarded for hotel stays and additional spending. Every 1 point in our guests' wallets equals 1 euro. 


5. Points are awarded for all spending in our hotels and for all payments at the reception at the end of the stay.


6. To earn points, bookings must be made via or directly with our hotels. On arrival at the hotel, points can be topped up by presenting the digital wallet at reception when checking in or out.


7. Guests can only use the points they collect for their accommodation. The points cannot be used for additional expenses.


8. Guests can redeem their points at the daily sale rate depending on the hotel availability.


9. Avantgarde Ones guests cannot benefit from other promotions while enjoying discounts.