At AVANTGARDE COLLECTION, we recognize the importance of sustainable tourism and the responsibility to limit its adverse effects on the environment and cultural heritage. We are committed to creating a better world for the generations to come. In line with this commitment, we are actively addressing various sustainability concerns, including reducing our environmental footprint, managing energy, water, and waste, safeguarding cultural and social traditions, ensuring local communities benefit economically and socially, and preserving the environment. In today's world, the pressing significance of climate change and global warming grows daily. We are committed to shouldering our responsibility adeptly and continue to educate our employees to foster environmental consciousness. We strive for greater success by meticulously managing sustainability risks and focusing on long-term strategies that ensure sustainable growth.

Our 2023 report provides a comprehensive overview of our facility and our ongoing sustainability initiatives.


The Avantgarde Collection hotel chain stands as a prominent hospitality organization in Türkiye, boasting five hotels with a total of 385 rooms. Our hotels are strategically located in the heart of Istanbul – in Levent, Şişli, and Taksim – which are among the world's most vital commercial and social hubs. Additionally, we have a presence in Yalıkavak, Bodrum's Küdür Bay, often referred to as the pearl of the Aegean. Furthermore, we are currently renovating a hotel in Ürgüp, Cappadocia's most vibrant district and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We anticipate its grand opening in 2024.

Avantgarde Catering, a renowned brand under the Lucis Global umbrella, presents guests with meticulously curated tables and a delightful dining experience. Whether for indoor or outdoor events, launches, or special occasions, our hospitality artistry and service expertise ensure an exemplary catering experience reminiscent of home comfort.

ACE Restaurant & Lounge, an integral part of the Avantgarde Collection, stands out with its culinary offerings. The menus, inspired by global gastronomy trends, maintain a deep connection to local ingredients and flavors, offering a memorable taste journey.  Complementing this, the Ace Restaurant's offshoot brand, Ace On The Go, delivers exceptional outside catering services at the Fenerbahçe Ülker Sports and Events Center.


To provide our guests with outstanding service, even under the most challenging conditions. We take pride in being a guest-friendly facility that is not only environmentally conscious but also consistently recommended. Our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest level of guest satisfaction sets us apart.


To be an exemplary facility, consistently chosen by guests for our superior service quality and environmental consciousness, solidifying our reputation as a global brand.


At Avantgarde Collection, our main goal is to provide the highest level of guest satisfaction in our products and services. In line with this goal, the following items constitute our basic principles;

Legal Arrangements

Avantgarde Collection is committed to adhering to all legal regulations concerning its products, service approach, and other activities, upholding this as a fundamental principle.

Human Rights

Avantgarde Collection remains dedicated to honoring all internationally acknowledged human rights within its operations, ensuring compliance with pertinent laws and conventions. We treat everyone, whether guest or employee, equally, without discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, opinion, age, social or marital status, family origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation.

Employee Safety and Investment in Human Resources

Avantgarde Collection Human Resources processes are based on the value we attach to people, and therefore to our employees. The health, safety and well-being of the employees of Avantgarde Collection is an integral part of our strategic focus on growth, profitability and creating new opportunities. All employees dedicated to achieving this goal have access to our equal training opportunities.

Avantgarde Collection closely monitors and implements legal obligations regarding the health, safety and working hours of its employees and business partners; regularly audits and checks compliance.

Guest satisfaction and safety

Our guests are our raison d'être. We believe that ensuring guest satisfaction enhances our competitive edge, propelling us to higher standings in the markets we serve. It is our primary responsibility is to address our guests' complaints, keep them informed, and transform these complaints into opportunities through resolution.

Children's Rights

Avantgarde Collection is a family and child friendly hotel. We are aware that children will shape our future. Avantgarde Collection condemns all forms of child exploitation and does not employ children under the age of 18 except for educational purposes. Avantgarde Collection is committed to working with all legitimate organizations committed to respecting the rights of children, preventing child abuse, and supporting vulnerable children, and to ensuring that its employees are aware of these issues.

Respect for the environment - Energy saving

We understand the limitations of our energy resources. By tracking our consumption patterns, we not only promote reduced energy and water usage but also educate our employees and persistently strive to enhance energy efficiency. To avoid harming the environment, we recycle our waste and hazardous waste in a way that does not harm nature. We are committed to preserving the native plant and animal species of our region.

Food safety - hygiene

Our guiding principle is ensuring a robust food safety system throughout the food chain. This commitment enables us to provide quality products that adhere to food safety directives, continuously enhance our practices, and prioritize hygiene standards.

Our investors and business partners

We aim to outperform our competitors by offering superior service at optimal costs. By understanding our investors' expectations and needs, we ensure a safe and harmonious working environment for our employees and business partners.

Supporting the Local Economy and Sustainable Purchasing Practices

We recognize the impact we have on the local economy and, as a result, prioritize sourcing the majority of our purchases from local producers. For sustainable tourism, we purchase environmentally friendly products and services with high energy, water and waste efficiency.

Social Responsibility

We hold the conviction that by immersing ourselves in our community and actively addressing social issues, we foster sustainable tourism.

In both national and international markets, our hotel competes based on these principles. We consistently demonstrate our resolve to be industry leaders, continuously evolving and allocating the necessary resources to achieve this.


At Avantgarde Collection, we conduct our operations in compliance with regulatory, environmental and occupational health and safety standards. To achieve this;

We identify the environmental, occupational health and safety impacts and risks of our operations. We take the necessary measures to prevent these risks from occurring or to mitigate their adverse effects.

We establish and review goals and programs for the continuous enhancement of our environmental, occupational health, and safety management system. We allocate the necessary resources to support these improvements.

We strictly adhere to the requirements of statutory regulations concerning environmental protection, occupational health, and safety.

We carry out the necessary controls and implement measures to prevent and eliminate potentially hazardous environments that could result in accidents, diseases, or environmental pollution stemming from our activities.

We prioritize the education of our employees and actively ensure their involvement.

We urge our suppliers to adhere to environmental, occupational health, and safety standards and regulations in alignment with our policy. Collaboration in these areas is of utmost importance to us.

We communicate to our guests about our dedication to environmental conservation and anticipate their support in respecting and safeguarding nature during their stays.


At Avantgarde Collection, we're convinced that prioritizing our guests' satisfaction not only enhances our competitiveness but also propels us to greater heights in the markets we serve.

Our objective is to apply the highest quality standards to the services we deliver.

To achieve this, we receive invaluable support from our employees, experts in their respective fields.

We diligently evaluate feedback from customers, employees, and other stakeholders with impartiality, maintaining a customer-centric focus that extends beyond regulatory requirements.

The conscientious application of our current quality and complaint management system by each of our employees contributes significantly to the continuous improvement of our service quality and customer satisfaction.


We hold deep respect for the environment and humanity, understanding that earning respect from the world begins with these values. While ensuring the comfort of our guests remains a top priority, we are dedicated to managing our water, electricity, energy, chemicals, and solid waste consumption responsibly, all the while striving to minimize our impact on the environment and natural resources. Guided by the principles of sustainable tourism, we have implemented measures that have significantly reduced our consumption of natural resources. Our practices have been adapted to minimize, and whenever feasible, eliminate any harm to the soil, water, and air.



Waste management encompasses a comprehensive set of processes, including waste reduction at the source, categorizing waste by its characteristics, collecting, storing, recycling, transporting, disposal, and post-disposal control. At Avantgarde Collection, our primary objective within our waste management system is to minimize the volume of waste generated. We are committed to responsible waste management, aiming to dispose of waste with the least possible harm to the environment while ensuring the recovery of recyclable materials.


To uphold these principles, our staff undergoes training to understand the significance of waste separation, and this process is diligently monitored by the relevant departments.


Moreover, we facilitate waste disposal for our guests by providing waste bins in public areas and guest rooms, encouraging them to segregate their waste responsibly. We proactively communicate our waste management system to our hotels, urging them to actively participate in waste reduction and proper waste separation practices.


All recyclable packaging waste and organic waste we collect are meticulously delivered to licensed companies, ensuring they are properly recycled and contributing to a more sustainable environment.


Whenever possible, we prioritize the purchase of bulk-packaged products to minimize the creation of unnecessary packaging waste.


We reduce packaging waste by opting for larger packages such as boxes and buckets instead of disposable breakfast products.


We store vegetable waste oil and hazardous waste in compliance with legal requirements and have them disposed of or recycled by licensed companies. Refillable soap dispensers are used in public areas of our facility. Concentrated products are selected for the chemicals used in room cleaning, and a dosing system is used. In this way, we get more effective results in fewer doses and protect the environment with minimum waste. To reduce our paper consumption, we send our correspondence and announcements via email as much as possible. Updates made to documents are communicated through our quality network using the document software we employ. Documents required to be recorded as per our management systems and legal standards are generated electronically and, when feasible, stored on computers.




Change (%)


A3 and A4



Between January and May 2023, there was a 27.32% decrease in paper (A4, A3) consumption.




a. Switch to the use of reusable placemats instead of paper placemats after the pandemic

b. Introduction of biodegradable trash bags

c. Reducing waste from straws (preferential use of paper/bamboo straws)

d. Reduction of paper consumption at check-in through the introduction of an online check-in system

e. Eliminating paper filing system by moving to an email based electronic filing system

Organic Plastic Paper Metal
25 metric tons 250  kg 2500 kg 125 kg

f. Continuation of measures to raise awareness among staff, implementation of external training courses



In the first 5 months of 2023, it is aimed to reduce the amount of hazardous waste used and increase recycling by placing a high priority on recycling.



Change (%)

Waste Oil




In 2023, the collected vegetable waste oil was sent to a recycling company for the production of biodiesel fuel.


To ensure the environmentally safe disposal of hazardous chemical waste generated within our hotel, we meticulously collect such waste in dedicated hazardous chemical waste collection rooms within our departments, properly label it, and subsequently arrange for its disposal or evaluation by approved companies in strict accordance with legal requirements. We provide training to our staff on this matter and display warning and informational posters within the waste collection rooms.

We also conducted hazardous chemical waste spill drills to ensure that our personnel are well-trained in the proper storage of hazardous chemical waste.


In the first 5 months of 2023, recycling was given a high priority and awareness of this issue was raised through training of our employees.


Our objective is to achieve thorough cleanliness in the areas we clean while minimizing any adverse impact on both health and the environment through hygienic practices. Environmental damage can be minimized not only by using environmentally safe cleaning agents, but also by using these products sparingly and dosing them well. This way, the overall impact of chemicals on the environment can be significantly reduced. To ensure the appropriate and hygienic treatment of our swimming pools, we employ automatic dosing systems designed to consume minimal quantities of chemicals. We utilize state-of-the-art technological machines for laundry, employing automatic dosing systems to reduce chemical usage significantly.

We ensure that the pesticides utilized by the pest control company we engage are products that pose no harm to human health or the environment. We endeavor to reduce chemical consumption associated with spraying by prioritizing natural measures such as flypaper and adhesive paper.

In our chemical warehouses, we use sealed trays for storing chemicals on all shelves. Through these efforts, we effectively prevent chemicals from entering the sewage system or the soil through spills or leaks.

We prioritize high biodegradability for the general chemicals we use and carefully assess this criterion, particularly when making new purchases.


Our employees have been trained in the use of chemicals and the actions to take in the event of a spill of hazardous chemicals. In addition, our personnel were informed during drills.

Chemical use has been reduced by switching to a dispensing system.


One of the most important steps toward sustainability is ensuring energy efficiency.

We begin work by closely monitoring energy consumption values on a daily basis and promptly implement daily interventions should any issues arise. We identify departments that exhibit excessive consumption and subsequently assess potential saving measures to address the issue.

We prioritize low consumption equipment and systems.

Efficient energy use is ensured by moving to a system with sensors and cards.

Energy savings are constantly analyzed through maintenance, supervision and monitoring.


Our goal is to procure electronic products that are energy-efficient with a Class A rating, and we provide energy-saving training to all our employees to promote responsible energy use.

In our hotel, we undertake various energy-saving initiatives, and our commitment is to ensure the sustainability of these efforts.

Transitioning from incandescent bulbs to energy-efficient or LED lighting throughout all our rooms and public areas in the hotel, both to conserve energy and minimize hazardous waste generation,

Managing and regulating the hotel's building environmental lighting, heating, and cooling systems through automation for enhanced control and efficiency,

Use of motion-sensitive sensor lighting in the common areas for guests,

Many areas within the facility are designed to reduce energy consumption through the use of daylight.

Key cards are used for the electrical systems in our rooms.

Any energy losses that may occur are minimized by maintaining and cleaning all electrical equipment at specific intervals.

Self-opening and self-closing doors with light barriers are used wherever possible and energy consumption due to heating/cooling losses is reduced.

The placement of heating and cooling equipment is planned in advance so that it does not affect energy efficiency.

Laundry working hours are set as part of the program.


Continuing with energy efficiency-enhancing practices in our hotel

Continued procurement of devices with reduced environmental impact and high energy efficiency

Continuing with training on measures to reduce energy consumption rates every year

Continuing to develop projects to reduce energy consumption

Switching from high consumption engines to pumps fitted with frequency convectors

Ensuring the conversion of all fluorescent, plc and compact lighting in the hotel to LED lighting

Starting periodic submission of departmental consumption analyses to the relevant units thanks to the increased number of counters in the departments

Electricity and natural gas consumption is continuously monitored and recorded. In our facility, there are separate counters in many sections, allowing for individual monitoring in each section. The data collected from these monitoring activities is recorded on a daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis and is analyzed during our meetings.


To minimize water consumption without sacrificing health, hygiene, or guest satisfaction, we implemented water-efficient sensor faucets. Additionally, we educate our guests and provide comprehensive training to our employees on this initiative.

In our hotel, we prioritize water conservation through the following measures, and we continuously monitor these initiatives to ensure their sustainability:

Employing photocell-activated or timed faucets, showers, and urinals as well as special low-flow faucets and showerheads to curb excessive water consumption,

Reducing the water usage in siphons by implementing low-volume reservoirs,

Continuing to train our staff to reduce water consumption during cleaning of rooms and common areas,

Limiting laundry operations to loads that meet a certain capacity to decrease water consumption. Towel and linen changes in the rooms are conducted based on guest preferences. We proactively inform our guests about this policy to promote water conservation. Unless requested by the guest, we change towels and linens every two days.


Continuation of training activities to raise awareness among our staff in order to reduce water consumption

Preventing water leaks by reworking infrastructure where needed

Replacing faucets and fixtures without sensors

Reducing water consumption by removing bathtubs in hotel rooms


We opt for recyclable packaging materials when sourcing food and beverages.

Suppliers possessing ISO 14001 environmental management system certification or other internationally recognized environmental certifications are given precedence.

We instituted a sustainable procurement strategy that emphasizes centralized purchasing, with established procedures reflecting this approach.

Whenever feasible, we prioritize the procurement of bulk-packaged products to minimize excess packaging waste.


Environmental training

Environmental training is provided to our employees as part of our annual training programs. Training is conducted internally and externally. Ensuring environmental awareness of all our employees through regular training by our Environmental Officer,

Raising awareness of our employees who interact with chemicals as part of efforts to standardize chemical consumption through training by our suppliers,

Provision of training on efficient energy use via our Energy Efficiency Consultant, informing our employees about energy efficiency initiatives at our facilities and ensuring they are guided on how to contribute to these efforts.

Fire Fighting

Conducting emergency training for all staff members within our hotel to ensure their safety and equipping them with the knowledge for correct and effective responses to minimize harm in the event of a fire.


Our employees received fire safety training.

Emergency teams were formed.

Fire drills were staged.

Generator Use:

We recognize that the tourism sector, which greatly benefits from natural resources, has a responsibility to contribute to the efficient use and protection of these assets. With this in mind, we prioritize the efficient operation of our generators to mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce our institutional carbon dioxide emissions.


We installed information boards at our hotel to highlight the unique offerings of our region. They provide details about local transportation, nearby settlements, historical landmarks, and archaeological sites.

Cafeteria for the staff

All meals served in the cafeteria are free of charge for our employees. At least 4 different meals, salad variations and desserts/fruit, as well as beverages are offered as part of the 14-day meal plans.

Food waste is collected by a contracted company and delivered to animal shelters.

Health of the employees

Our hotel is equipped with a doctor's office that is available for our employees to utilize. On certain days of the week, they receive free assistance from the occupational physician.

Agreements were made with various private hospitals to provide certain discounts to our employees.


The cleaning of work uniforms and all professional clothing is free of charge for all employees.


Within our company and hotel, we have a diverse community comprising members of various religions, languages, and races, both among our guests and our employees. Our basic principle is that no one should be discriminated against on the basis of gender, religion, language or race. The topic of diversity is addressed in the introductory training sessions led by the Human Resources Department, ensuring that our staff upholds and respects this principle. Furthermore, during orientation training sessions led by the Human Resources Department, emphasis is placed on employee rights and the significance of this subject.

Free/reduced vacation rights

A scheme was put in place for the Company's employees and their first-degree relatives, which provides for discounts and free vacation entitlements based on the employees' seniority. Under this scheme, eligible employees have the opportunity to stay at the Company's hotels for free/at discounted rates.

Career Management

We provide internship opportunities for tourism students to gain work experience. We support our employees with training and career management programs. We aim to give our employees the best training possible and prefer to fill vacancies from within our own ranks.

Employee suggestions and opinions

A staff satisfaction survey is conducted once a year to evaluate the suggestions and opinions of our employees. The survey results are carefully evaluated and necessary improvements are planned.

In addition, we ensure that our employees can express their suggestions and opinions at any time using the suggestions and complaints box.

Support on special days

During Ramadan, our employees receive Ramadan packages or shopping cards to supplement their budget.

On holidays and New Year's Eve, our employees receive gift packages.


Organization of a "Staff Night" at the end of each year, attended by all employees and their spouses, to recharge after a long year and share thoughts.

Organization of celebrations for staff on Mother's Day and Women's Day

Organization of picnics at the beginning of each season and at certain intervals to keep our staff motivated and energized.

Every month, the Employee of the Month, the Trainee of the Month and the Friendly Employee of the Month are chosen and awarded. In addition, the Employee of the Year is chosen at the end of the year.


At our facility, we provide a variety of internal and external training sessions, all structured around our annual training plans. The goal of these training sessions is to enhance the skills and knowledge of our staff.

Orientation training

On-the-job training

Occupational health and safety training

Foreign language training in the winter semester

First aid training

Fire protection training

Environmental protection training

Energy efficiency and energy saving training

Management system training

Staff development training

Hygiene and food safety training


As a company, our core principle is “guest-centricity”. Our aim is 100% guest satisfaction, and we diligently work to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Our guest complaint and demand management is carried out in accordance with the ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management System standards, for which we hold a certificate.

In the service sector, mistakes can happen given that production and consumption occur simultaneously. However, effectively addressing service shortcomings hinges on our awareness of complaints, setting up fair and swift complaint resolution processes, educating our staff and guests about these processes, and ensuring their effective implementation.

The complaints and requests that our guests make to us during their stay are recorded through our Guest Relations Management program. Through this system, we track performance metrics like how satisfied our guests are with the resolution and the speed of our response to their requests.



Waste Code


Waste Type


Change (%)


Contaminated Packaging



Empty Pressurized Metallic Packaging



Electronic Waste



Vegetable Waste Oil



Waste Paint and Varnishes



Printing Toners



Contaminated Absorbers, Filter Materials






Medical Waste



Fluorescent Lamps and other waste containing mercury



Batteries and Accumulators



Agrochemical Wastes



Oil Filters


Sustainable Tourism Verification

Avantgarde Hotel Şişli Sustainable Tourism Verification

Avantgarde Taksim Hotel Sustainable Tourism Verification